China News Service, Beihai, July 5th (Lu Congjie, Chen Jinglong, Longye, and Lu Shuaixi) On July 4th, heavy rainfall brought about by typhoon "Siamba" hit Hepu County, Beihai City, Guangxi, causing several villages in the county to be flooded. Government, public security, firefighting, armed police, emergency rescue and disaster relief commandos and other departments moved upon hearing the flood, and hundreds of people have been transferred safely.

  On the same day, there were heavy rainstorms to extremely heavy rains in towns and villages in the northeastern part of Hepu County. The floods caused by the heavy rains washed away some houses, flooded farmland, trees fell on the ground, and people were trapped.

At 4 a.m., a landslide occurred in Qumu Village, Gongguan Town, Hepu County, causing the road to be interrupted. After hearing the news, the local police rushed to the scene to deal with it. With the assistance of the government and the public, after nearly 6 hours of hard work, the road was finally restored. pass.

Photo courtesy of Hepu County Public Security Bureau for the transfer of trapped persons

  At about 14:00, many people in Dongling Village, Changle, Hepu County were besieged by the flood, including 70-year-olds and children.

The local police station rushed to the scene after hearing the news and successfully transferred 13 trapped villagers.

  According to the Beihai Fire Rescue Detachment, they dispatched a total of 7 rescue teams, 15 fire trucks, 11 rubber boats, and 81 fire rescue personnel to the scene. By 20:00 that night, a total of 200 fire rescue personnel were evacuated The rest of the trapped people.

The picture shows firefighters moving trapped people.

Photo by Liu Yaozhong

  It is understood that as of press time, rescuers have rescued and evacuated more than 300 people and handled 31 dangerous situations.

At present, disaster relief work is still in progress.