“Pray for the Prophet” .. The owner of the strangest name in the world reveals the secret of his name (video)

An Egyptian person named "Pray for the Prophet" said that the reason why his father called him by this great name was that when he was a conscript in the Egyptian army, he had a fellow recruit with him in the same battalion with the same name. His son has the same name as his colleague, the martyr, who died in order to revive his memory once again.

He explained that he was happy that his father gave him this name, saying: "This is a favor from God. My name is like this, and I am happy with my name, and Lord, I am one of the righteous."

He added that his full name was "Pray for the Prophet Muhammad Ismail," noting that his father's colleague was called Prayed, but his father preferred to complete the name and make it a compound name.

He pointed out that his name was the reason for distinguishing him from others since his childhood among his colleagues, and also made him one of the distinguished soldiers inside the training center during the performance of the army period.

He explained that he was exposed to many strange situations from everyone's reactions and the astonishment that he saw from them when they heard this name, so he said: But people love me and come to me, uncle pray, your name is sweet.

He concluded that one of the most important situations related to his mind is that he stood in a traffic committee one day and the officer did not believe the truth of his name, saying: Take the card and reveal it to make sure of my name.

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