Group BTOB member Lee Min-hyuk explained the lyrics of his new song and accurately explained the terminology used by fans.

On the 1st, Lee Min-hyuk appeared as a guest on the YouTube channel of 'Jung Hyung-don's Untitled TV' and had time to explain only the lyrics without the song melody.

On this day, Lee Min-hyuk explained the lyrics of his 2nd full-length solo album, 'BOOM', one sentence at a time.

Jeong Hyeong-don recited the lyrics of 'You who still deceived yourself' in Lee Min-hyuk's song, and asked, "So, 'You like me, but you fell in love with me, so why do you keep saying no, you idiot'?" he asked.

To this, Lee Min-hyuk said, "That's right. There are words used within the idol fandom culture," and mentioned 'irregularity'.

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Lee Min-hyuk explained, "This is the time when I deny myself to become a fan. Without realizing it, (star) has penetrated into me, and I am rejecting it myself."

Then, he explained the lyrics, "No, I haven't fallen for it yet," he said.

After hearing Lee Min-hyuk's explanation, Jung Hyung-don said, "I admit it, the sooner the better the better."

Who knows why?

"Dancing Together", he said, "Lee Min-hyuk is amazing. The more I read, the more curious about you."

Then, Jung Hyung-don was surprised by Lee Min-hyuk's lyrics, which expressed his charm to the full, saying, "Wow, what is it? What is your charm, and so far..." .

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Lee Min-hyeok, who saw Jung Hyung-don, said, "If you're curious about the song, it's already permeated." He replied sensibly, "When I look back at the time (when I was writing the lyrics), the lyrics didn't come out so well, so I drank a glass."

Netizens who saw Lee Min-hyuk know the term ‘irregularity’ and melted it into the lyrics responded, “10-year idols and idol broadcasters are different”, “confidence is cool”, “lyrics that properly express irregularities of self-esteem”, etc. .

Lee Min-hyuk, who made a comeback with his second full-length album on the 27th, will hold a solo concert on the 30th and 31st.

(Photo = YouTube 'Jung Hyung-don's Untitled TV')

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