The two most-discussed hit dramas, "Meng Hualu" and "Broken Things Elite", ended on the 3rd and 4th in succession, and walked out of two diametrically opposite public opinion curves: the former opened high and moved low, the latter The reasons for the difficult turnaround are not very related, but the commonality is the same, reflecting that public sentiment has become a stronger factor in determining the reputation of a play.

  "Broken Things Elite" was initially taken for granted as a "little broken drama", because of the "blood relationship" with the "Love Apartment" series, director Wei Zheng's work, it was even labeled as "plagiarism" when it appeared, questioning and belittling , Contempt has not stopped.

Director Wei Zheng is unprecedentedly active on Weibo: On the fourth day of the launch, he issued a declaration that "Breakout Elite" does not plagiarize, and emphasized that "If "Breakout Elite" plagiarizes any British drama, American drama, Japanese drama, Korean drama, Korean drama, Thai drama For proof of domestic dramas, you can contact me on Weibo, and I will answer them one by one. If you have any questions, I will apologize in public, delete all relevant clips, and, as the first signed screenwriter, bear all legal responsibilities... There is a fight"; The behind-the-scenes special of this drama - that is the "evidence" that has been prepared during the filming period, "The more the audience understands, the more it will help reduce misunderstandings about this industry, this thing has to be done, otherwise it will be talked about if there is a problem. Not sure."

  Regarding the plagiarism of the "Love Apartment" series, Wei Zheng explained in an interview after the final article "Love Apartment 5" was launched. He said that only the fifth part of this series was the screenwriter himself. As for the plagiarism of the script, he was " I didn't know until after the broadcast of "Love 3", but the director contracts of "Love 3" and "Love 4" have been signed together... Despite this, in his past career, he has never been able to match the fame and negative consequences of "Love Apartment". Tired to untie.

  "Broken Things Elite" came to an end on the 4th, and the voices questioning "plagiarism" gradually disappeared. The breakthroughs and attempts of this work in comedy creation were gradually seen, and many comments began to restore objective emotions, advocating a fair view of "Broken Things". Elite".

During the interview, reporters from Beijing Youth Daily could also feel Wei Zheng's determination to set sail again and his self-confidence in doing comedy.

At present, the Douban score of "Breaking Things Elite" is 7.1. Wei Zheng said: "It is much higher than I thought. Thanks to the low-star evaluation for reminding us not to forget the past, and thanks to the high-score evaluation for encouraging us to look to the future."


  long comedy is thankless

  Those who do not reform themselves will face elimination

  Beiqing Daily: From "Love Apartment 5" to "Breaking Things Elite", are there any twists and turns in the topic selection?

How has the target audience changed?

  Wei Zheng: Our simplest idea at the time was to make a new work that was completely different from "Love Apartment 5", and its subject matter and style had to have breakthroughs and changes.

At that time, some screenings were carried out for several selected topics, and the final decision was the entry point of "Breakthrough Elite" as a migrant worker.

Afterwards, I feel that this topic is actually very suitable for expression, and it can really involve all aspects of social life.

Regarding the target audience, I think the audience of "Broken Things" should be older than "Love Apartment", and the viewing threshold will be relatively higher, which is suitable for those who like to think and have certain life experience.

"Breakthrough Elite" retains the funny and interesting side, but adds a realistic core.

  Beiqing Daily: The rapid development of short videos has had a considerable impact on the comedy market, especially the sitcom market. How do you feel?

  Wei Zheng: It has no effect on sitcoms. There is no comedy in the TV drama market.

With or without the rise of short videos, not many people are willing to make long comedy films, because it is just very difficult and thankless.

The result of the boom in short videos is that everyone has further raised the threshold of laughter, which is a greater challenge for comedians - how can we provide viewers with a viewing experience that exceeds that of short videos in a 45-minute feature film?

Why do people want to watch yours instead of swiping short videos?

What is the value of future comedy feature films?

  I think comedy in the traditional sense is behind the times today, and it has to reform itself or face obsolescence.

Any comedy team that relies on the wisdom and laughter output of a few screenwriters cannot compete with the creators of millions of short videos.

The long video has no advantage at all in terms of jokes. The real advantage lies in its story and pattern. Its characterization and worldview are more complete, and the theme can be more deeply rooted.

If a comedy is still a joke, then it will have less and less chance, and it will become more and more difficult to survive the competition with short videos.

  Hope "Breakout Elite"

  Can accompany everyone to grow together

  Beiqing Daily: "Love Apartment" has achieved common growth with the audience, and completed companionship and healing; what function do you hope it can carry?

Will it continue?

  Wei Zheng: I hope "Breakthrough Elite" is still a comedy that can accompany everyone to grow together.

I hope it can bring strength to the audience: "Love Apartment" may be more about warmth and companionship, while "Breakthrough Elite" is about bringing strength.

You look at them and you feel like they're not doing so badly, they can get up and so can you.

Although these people in the Destruction Department seem to be doing well, but they do not accept their fate, they are still working hard for their lives.

  no need to combine comedy and sitcom

  too clear

  Beiqing Daily: Recently, a variety show about sitcoms was broadcast, and the broadcast of "Broken Affair Elite" also attracted a lot of attention.

What do you think is the biggest dilemma of this category at present, and what changes and efforts need to be made to achieve the ideal growth environment and state?

  Wei Zheng: I don't think it's necessary to divide the categories of comedies and sitcoms too clearly.

Anyway, there are neither too many sitcoms nor too many comedies. They are all endangered species, so don't subdivide them.

Comedy is comedy.

This time, we have done a lot of breakthrough and mixed-type attempts in comedy, whether it is sci-fi, ancient costumes, or suspense.

There is no specific rule for comedy, no one dictates what comedy has to be, it can be mixed with any genre, including tragedy, as long as it looks good.

What we need to really think about is why few people are willing to make comedy films in the past ten years, but there are a lot of sweet pet dramas and costume dramas?

Now, I am very happy that I have the opportunity to go a step further, even a few more steps, so that the comedy itself can keep pace with the times, and make some new attempts and changes in form, type and style to make it more alive, It is more in line with the current viewing rhythm, so that long comedy films can show their unique charm in the competition with short videos.

As for what changes and efforts are needed, I think the industry might as well break the original stereotypes about comedy, and audiences might as well show appropriate tolerance to comedy creation.

In addition, we comedians themselves need to take every production, every baggage, every scene and every line seriously.

  Text / reporter Yang Wenjie

  Coordinator / Man Yi Liu Jianghua