Kyoto University and a major general contractor devised and realized the idea of ​​a facility that artificially generates "gravity" that is indispensable for survival and allows human beings to live on the moon and Mars in the future. I have decided to start joint research.

This was announced at a press conference on the 5th by the Manned Cosmology Research Center of Kyoto University and Kajima Construction Co., Ltd., a major general contractor.

According to it, in the future, when human beings live on the moon and Mars, gravity as much as the earth is indispensable, and it is like a glass with a diameter of 200 meters and a height of 200 to 400 meters on the surface of the moon and Mars. It is said that a well-shaped facility will be constructed and gravity will be artificially generated by the centrifugal force that rotates it.

In addition to the residential area, a small ecosystem that reproduces the global environment such as the sea and forests will be set up in the facility, aiming to create a foundation on which human beings can survive, and necessary materials will be transported from the earth. The idea is to procure heavy items locally and proceed with construction.

Also, when moving between the moon and Mars, capsules about the size of a Shinkansen vehicle are connected in a hexagon and rotated so that they can move while producing the same gravity as the earth.

Kyoto University and Kajima will start joint research and study specific structures in the future, saying that the establishment of these technologies will be the core of realizing migration to space in the future. ..

Professor Yosuke Yamashiki of Kyoto University said, "Although it is not yet feasible, it is important to show the concept so that Japan can gain an advantage as countries around the world build a space society, and I would like to proceed with research." I was talking.