The reporter has just learned from the Tianjin Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters that in the early morning of July 5, a new case of local positive infection in Tianjin was a close contact of the previously reported positive infection who entered Shanghai from Jinnan District and was an overseas related case. .

  The positive infected person, male, 30 years old, lives in Balitai, Jinnan District.

On the afternoon of July 3, he went to the home of a positive infected person who returned from abroad. On July 4, he was quarantined as a close contact. The nucleic acid test result was positive on July 5.

The flow survey shows that its activities involve the following places:

  At 20:00 on July 3rd, there will be a small night market behind Shuanggang New Home and Minsheng Garden in Jinnan District;

  At 21:30 on July 3, the supermarket on the 1st floor of Building 1, Kanhu, Balitai Town, Jinnan District;

  At 8:30 on July 4th, the pancake and fruit at the bottom of Hongshan, Lushui Road, Hexi District;

  At 9:40 on July 4th, the fish stall opposite the Hongshan Lidi Merchant in Hexi District;

  At 10:00 on July 4th, Tongle Tangyuan Store, Jianshan Street, Hexi District.

  At present, the positive infected person has been transferred to the city designated hospital, and the disease control department is investigating, tracking, and controlling related risk personnel according to procedures.

  Please take the initiative to report to the community (village), work unit and hotel where you live immediately and take the initiative to report to the person who intersects with the above activity track in time and space.

  (Headquarters reporter Chen Qingbin and Wang Shuo)