The third station of "Hulic Cup Kisei Match", one of the eight major titles of shogi, started in Chiba prefecture, and the match between Souta Fujii's five crowns (19) and the challenger Takuya Nagase (29) who is aiming for a double crown It is done.

The fifth match of "Hulic Cup Kisei Match" has been 1 win and 1 loss so far, and the 3rd station is at a hotel in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture.

The game started at 9 am, and after the first player, Gokan Fujii, had a cup of tea, he struck the step ahead of the rook, and the second player, Nagase Throne, also struck the step ahead of the rook.

Of the title defense battles scheduled for this year, Fujii Gokan won the "Eiou Battle" in May, and is also facing the battle that he defended in this "Hulic Cup Kisei Match" and "Throne Battle". increase.

On the other hand, the Nagase throne won the first station on the 3rd of last month after two "repointing" and got off to a good start to stop the consecutive wins of the Fujii Gokan title match with "13".

It is expected that the victory or defeat will be decided on the afternoon of the 4th, whether the Fujii Gokan will approach the defense or the Nagase throne will take the check.