KDDI, a major mobile phone company, announced that it had almost recovered nationwide at 4:00 pm on the 4th, more than 62 hours after the occurrence of a large-scale communication failure such as au mobile phones that occurred before dawn on the 2nd.

KDDI said that the managing director in charge of technology will hold an online press conference from 8 pm on the 4th, and the decision on full recovery will be on the evening of the 5th.

During the press conference, Kazuyuki Yoshimura, managing director in charge of technology, said, "Voice calls and data communications have almost been restored at this point. In the future, after confirming the service usage status of individual and corporate users, the final restoration will be completed. The decision will be on the evening of the 5th, "he said.

In addition, regarding the cause of the prolonged communication failure, such as it took more than 62 hours to announce that voice calls and data communications were almost restored, Managing Director Yoshimura said, "As a result of the restoration work that was initially done yesterday, the load on the system will be reduced. However, the load did not actually decrease for some reason, and we were investigating. "

On top of that, Managing Director Yoshimura clarified the cause of the system load in the morning of the 4th, so when he took necessary measures in the afternoon, the load decreased and he recovered to a situation where voice calls and data communications were almost usable. I explained that I did.

And about the prolonged communication failure, "Three days including Monday on weekdays should not be, and it caused inconvenience to customers, so I will look back firmly and never do this again. We would like to proceed with the formulation of recurrence prevention measures throughout the company so that this does not occur. "