Louise Bernard and Solène Delinger 10:19 a.m., July 04, 2022

Who will succeed Fresh La Peufra?

On Friday, the casting site Agence Origines announced the opening of registrations for the second season of "Nouvelle École".

This show, dedicated to young rap talents, in France and Belgium, caused a sensation as soon as it was put online on Netflix on June 9.

Nouvelle École

, the French reality TV program produced by Netflix and adapted from the American show 

Rhythm and Flow

, will have the right to a second season.

Broadcast from June 9 to 23, the show is looking for new nuggets of rap.

The jury is made up of the big names of the genre, Niska, Shay and SCH.

He judged no less than 24 young urban artists.

Fresh La Peufra won the first edition.

100,000 euros and a major media promotion

The program features freestyle contests, rap battles, and a flow demo.

He promises the winner 100,000 euros and significant media promotion.

"With 'New School'

we hit the bullseye.

It's not up to us to announce it, but there may be a season 2," said Damien Bernet, director of development for Netflix France. 

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A big hit on Netflix

The production has already posted a casting registration form for the next season, the release date of which is still unknown.

This announcement is not a surprise.

New School

quickly established itself in the Top 10 audiences on Netflix, above flagship series like

Stranger Things


Peaky Blinders


The Belgian rapper Fresh La Peufra hit the jackpot with a colossal rise of 2,843% of his online listening and 225,000 subscribers on his Instagram account.

His track


, written for the show's finale, ranked first on Spotify in France with nearly six million streams.