Two men suspected of throwing projectiles and insulting participants in the Bordeaux LGBT+ Pride March on June 12 have been placed under judicial supervision and will be tried in September, we learned from the prosecution on Saturday.

These two men had been placed in police custody on Wednesday before their referral to the prosecution the next day.

They will appear before the Bordeaux Criminal Court on September 23, one for "public insult due to sexual orientation", the other for "violence with a weapon by destination not having resulted in incapacity for work", a detailed the prosecution, confirming information from the

Sud Ouest

newspaper .

"Anti-demo actions and anti-gay-pride actions"

During the hearing, they will also answer, along with three other men suspected of having degraded pedestrian crossings painted in rainbow colors in the city, of the facts "of degradations by inscriptions committed in meeting".

After the pride march on Sunday June 12, Mayor Pierre Hurmic spoke on the spot of "anti-demo actions and anti-gay-pride actions".

The town hall of Bordeaux, as well as two associations – the Girofard and SOS Homophobia – had filed a complaint for violence, insults and damage the following week.

In addition, the investigation is continuing after the partial collapse of the metal structure of a Pride March float on the crowd, which left 6 injured, including 3 seriously, among the members of the procession.

Nine arrests on the sidelines of the Pride March in Bordeaux

Six injured in an accident at the Pride March in Bordeaux

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