• The first foundation of the Saint-Brieuc wind farm was installed about 16 kilometers from the coast of Brittany.

  • This huge metal structure is a first in France and should help maintain good water circulation.

  • Highly criticized, the Saint-Brieuc wind farm provides for the installation of 62 wind turbines to supply electricity to more than 800,000 households.

It is a huge structure, 75 meters high and 25 meters wide.

On Friday, it took five ships to transport it from the Pleudaniel maritime coordination center to their site off Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor).

Very criticized in particular by local fishermen, the future offshore wind farm of Saint-Brieuc took a big step forward on Friday when the first foundation was installed, said the company Ailes Marines.

In total, 62 wind turbines will be gradually installed in the bay over an area of ​​75 km² for a total power of 500 MW, making it possible to cover the annual consumption of more than 800,000 households.

This wind farm will be the first in France to be equipped with “jackets” type foundations.

“Their lattice structures have a limited impact on the environment.

They facilitate the circulation of water masses and biodiversity while promoting the artificial reef effect”, assures the company Ailes Marines, to respond to the concerns of fishermen.

The subsidiary of the Spanish group Iberdrola had been retained by the State to carry out this titanic project.

The foundations of more than 1,100 tons have a triangular base made of wire mesh and are fixed to the seabed by three piles 18 to 47 meters long, which had been previously installed.

In its press release, the manufacturer also praises "the continuation of environmental security measures" with the implementation of anti-pollution devices.

A response to the pollution episode observed during the drilling site in June 2021.

The second offshore wind farm being installed in France, the Saint-Brieuc site has accumulated difficulties since its award in 2012. An award which is also the subject of investigations by the National Financial Prosecutor's Office ( PNF) for “concealment of favouritism”.

The park should allow Brittany to gain autonomy, which produces less than 20% of the electricity it consumes.

Iberdrola is expected to spend 2.5 billion euros to put it into operation.


Very criticized, the wind farm of Saint-Brieuc accumulates the difficulties


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