Police in the United States have discovered the bodies of three children in a lake in the state of Minnesota.

The mother's body was also recovered from the lake, said Mike Martin of the local police at a press conference over the weekend.

One assumes a triple homicide and a suicide.

The dead children are two boys and one girl.

They are under six years old.

The discovery of a male body Friday morning in the nearby town of Maplewood is linked to the case, Martin said.

However, he did not comment on the details.

According to the information, it was presumably a suicide.

US media reported that the dead man was the father of the children.

Investigators did not confirm this when asked.

The police had searched for the mother and children after finding the dead man.

According to investigators, the mother's cell phone data led investigators to the lake.

"We're not going to talk about the ongoing investigation or the cause of death here," Martin said.