Henan: In principle, for emergencies, "report first, then verify, and report after verification", and resolutely put an end to concealment

  The Henan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters recently issued a notice to make further requirements for party committees and governments at all levels to standardize the initiation of flood control emergency response.

  The notice pointed out that the activation response should be comprehensively researched and judged.

After receiving the early warning report from the meteorological department, the defense offices at all levels should organize emergency, meteorology, water conservancy, housing, construction, natural resources and other departments to conduct comprehensive analysis, consultation and judgment, and report the flood control consultation report to the prevention and control leaders in a timely manner, and propose rationalization work Recommendations to provide a basis for scientific decision-making.

  Strictly activate the response conditions.

When the flood control emergency response is activated at all levels, it shall be implemented in strict accordance with the activation conditions stipulated in the flood control emergency plan at the corresponding level, and it shall be released after being reviewed and signed by the prevention leaders.

The meteorological department issued orange and red warnings for heavy rain, and all levels of prevention and control should start flood control emergency response in time.

  The response rise and fall should be progressive.

Unless there are special circumstances, the initiation and termination of flood control emergency response should be upgraded and downgraded step by step, so as to “start the response early” and “terminate the response steadily”, and try to avoid jump upgrades and downgrades.

  Responses to escalations and terminations are to be reported.

In order to ensure the smooth flow of information and the response from top to bottom, all levels of anti-fingerprint start, lift, and terminate flood control emergency response, it is necessary to report to the upper-level anti-fingerprint, and resolutely avoid fighting each other and blocking information.

  To collect and submit information.

After the flood control emergency response is initiated, the provincial municipal prevention and control and provincial prevention and control member units must promptly summarize and sort out the flood control information, and submit the work information to the Henan Provincial Prevention and Control Office within the time limit specified in the flood control plan.

In case of emergencies and disasters, the "Interim Regulations on the Reporting of Floods and Waterlogging Sudden Dangerous Situations and Disasters" issued by the National Defense General Administration must be strictly implemented, and information, especially the information of the deceased, must be reported in accordance with the "first report and then check, and follow-up report". The principle of reporting is to report as soon as possible. Late reporting and omission of reporting are strictly prohibited, and concealment is strictly prohibited.

Especially serious disasters and dangers can be directly reported to the Henan Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters.

  Tian Meng