It has been unusually hot since the beginning of July.

With a heat wave warning in effect nationwide, the daytime high temperature in Seoul rose to 34.2 degrees today.

It was the hottest record of this summer again in just one day.

In addition, unofficially, the daytime temperature exceeded 37 degrees in various parts of the metropolitan area.

This hot weather will last a little longer until the day after tomorrow (the 5th).

Due to the unstable atmosphere, showers will continue throughout the inland.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Airi is heading north.

The typhoon will change course tomorrow toward Kyushu, Japan.

Accordingly, Korea will not be directly affected, but rain will continue until the day after tomorrow on Jeju Island and the southern coast.

It will be mostly sunny tomorrow, but the central inland will be foggy overnight.

There will be showers everywhere.

Be careful of rain and wind in Jeju Island and the southern coast.

From Thursday onwards, it will rain.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)