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All weekend in Fontainebleau took place the festival "Série Séries", of which Europe 1 is a partner.

An important event for professionals in this very prosperous sector.

Among the personalities present the Ukrainian Keterina Vyshnevska.

If the festival ends this Saturday in Fontainebleau, it will take place everywhere in Ile-de-France throughout the month of July.

Strangers Things, Breaking Bad, La Casa del Papel... For several years, series have revolutionized and shaped the world of television.

Their popularity continues to grow with all audiences.

An asset for video-on-demand platforms, which no longer hesitate to put big budgets into these productions.

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In Fontainebleau, professionals from the sector met all weekend for the eleventh edition of the "Séries Séries" festival, of which Europe 1 is a partner.

Objective, exchange around their projects.

Among them, the Ukrainian producer Keterina Vyshnevska, who fled the war to settle in London.

The one who produced action series with dark intrigues no longer has the heart to watch episodes in recent months but hopes to one day get there again.

“To watch a new program, it would be like a small victory for me”, she assures. 

"War will be the new setting for intrigues"

Since the international success of the series "The Servant of the People", embodied by the actor and now President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine has become a key player in the production of series in Europe.

And despite the war, new series will arrive on the Ukrainian small screen, promises Keterina Vyshnevska. 

“It will always be love stories or trillers. But the war will be the new setting for these intrigues”, she explains.

While waiting for these next productions, his last series shot before the invasion and soon available, will be called

Cardamon Coffee


A series that traces a forbidden love story in the 19th century in Lviv.

A love torment that then takes place in a peaceful Ukraine.