China News Service, July 2. According to the "Xuzhou Release" WeChat public account, the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province issued the "Notice on Effectively Doing a Good Job in the Current Epidemic Prevention and Control" on the 2nd.

The "Notice" pointed out that 13 people were found to be nucleic acid positive in Quanshan District, Xuzhou City.

All residents are advised not to leave Xu unless necessary, and those who really need to leave Xu must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

  The specific announcement is as follows:

Announcement on Effectively Doing a Good Job in the Current Epidemic Prevention and Control

  (No. 66 of 2022)

  On the morning of July 2, an abnormality was found in the nucleic acid detection and screening of key populations in Quanshan District of our city.

After receiving the report, the city and district levels immediately activated the emergency response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, and simultaneously carried out sample review, flow investigation and other work, and quickly implemented control over relevant places.

As of 5:00 pm, 13 people were positive after review by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and all of them have been transferred to the city's designated hospitals for diagnosis and treatment.

A total of 912 close contacts have been identified, and control measures have been implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

  In order to effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic, effectively protect the health of the people, and achieve the goal of social dynamic clearing as soon as possible, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

  1. Advocate all residents not to leave Xu unless necessary. Those who really need to leave Xu must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

Those who come to (return) Xu, if they have a history of living in a medium-high risk area or a county (city, district) where the local epidemic is located within 7 days, please report to the community (village) and unit where they are located as soon as possible, and strictly implement the corresponding health management measures.

  2. For those who have time and space intersection with the positive infected person that has been found, a yellow code will be assigned to the health code.

Please contact the community (village) where you live to register immediately, and go to the yellow code sampling point for nucleic acid testing as required, and take personal protection during the whole process of going out.

  3. During the period of responding to the epidemic, the city's government agencies, enterprises, institutions, public places, residential quarters, public transportation stations, vehicles, etc., conscientiously implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control and various prevention and control measures, and strictly check the "health code" and "travel card" ”, 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate or 24-hour sampling certificate.

  4. The whole city must compress and consolidate the responsibility for epidemic prevention. Party committees and governments at all levels must strictly implement territorial responsibilities and strengthen overall guidance on epidemic prevention; industry authorities must strictly perform their supervisory responsibilities and increase supervision and inspection; enterprises and institutions must strictly implement the main responsibility. , and implement various epidemic prevention measures in detail.

  5. The general public should be the first responsible person for personal health, enhance awareness of prevention, do a good job in daily protection such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating more, reducing gatherings, standardizing disinfection, and maintaining social distance, and actively cooperate with the implementation of various prevention and control measures. measure.

If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, etc., you should go to the fever clinic of a medical institution for medical treatment in time, and avoid taking public transportation on the way.

  The above prevention and control measures will be implemented from the date of this notice, and will be adjusted dynamically in the future according to the epidemic situation.

The general public must abide by relevant laws and regulations, and do not spread rumors, believe or spread rumors.

Those who refuse to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work and conceal or falsely report personal information will be investigated for legal responsibility according to laws and regulations.

Xuzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters

July 2, 2022