In Dunhuang, Gansu, the Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring Scenic Spot is a must-see place for tourists. In the vast sand sea, there are such a group of people called "Sand Sea Guards". They will patrol on camels and act for lost tourists. The guide will also help the tourists who encounter difficulties. They are the police officers of the public security police station in the Crescent Spring Scenic Area of ​​Mingsha Mountain in Dunhuang.

  In the peak tourist season, they have another job in their daily work, which is to help tourists find mobile phones lost in the vast sandy sea.

Then follow the "sand sea guards" of Mingsha Mountain to experience what it is like to dig a mobile phone with bare hands on the sand mountain in summer.

(The source of Gao Ying's video is Dunhuang Public Security Bureau)

Responsible editor: [Liu Xian]