"It may be the only time in my life where I could do that."

That day, Joyca, youtubeur with (almost) 5 million subscribers, swapped his usual sweatshirts and jogging for a pilot's outfit.

Like Gotaga, Domingo, or even Deujna and about fifteen other content creators on the Internet, Joyca went to Le Mans on Friday June 24 to train.

These 21 lucky ones were all chosen by Squeezie to participate in the "Grand Prix Explorer".

A Formula 4 race on the Bugatti Le Mans circuit, broadcast live on Twitch.

Crazy about motorsport, the first French youtuber invited several of his "colleagues" to share his passion on part of the mythical circuit of the 24 hours of Le Mans.

On October 8, 22 drivers, divided into 11 teams, will compete on the circuit, built at Le Mans in 1965, with a length of 4.1 km.

Fan of F1, Squeezie wanted to do this in the rules of the art: in the morning free practice will take place, followed by qualifying and in the afternoon the race will take place as well as the prize giving.

Intense physical training

For several weeks, the competitors have been giving of themselves.

To learn to drive a Formula 4, a 180 horsepower single-seater vehicle that can go up to 240 km/h, they followed several training sessions.

Supervised by the FFSA (Fédération Française du Sport Automobile), the youtubers and streamers first followed several mental and physical training sessions to test their reflexes.

They then have five driving sessions spread over several days.

And from the second day, some have already identified the real difficulties.

" The brake !

That's the worst”, explains Joyca.

His teammate Theobabac nods in confirmation.

As for Valouzz, another youtuber present that day, “it's completely counter-intuitive.

You have to press hard and release gently.

It's the opposite of our everyday car”.

But for Etienne Mustache, the brake is not the most difficult aspect to grasp.

“It's the changing conditions that are the hardest.

Depending on the weather, the car is completely different.

It changes all the piloting, ”explains the youtubeur in duo with Amixem.

Before adding: “I train a lot on a simulator and I do a little sport even if I find it difficult to be assiduous.

The goal is to finish in the top 3 on October 8”.

Beyond the tens of thousands of people who should follow the event on Twitch, many spectators will also be present in the stands of the Le Mans circuit.

In a few days, Squeezie has already sold the 20,000 places on sale for its event.

Did you see ?

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Twitch: Squeezie organizes the first Formula 4 Grand Prix between web personalities

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