China News Service, July 2nd, according to the WeChat public account of "Netxin Sanhe", the Transportation Quarantine Team of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Sanhe City, Hebei Province issued the "Announcement on the Gradual and Orderly Restoration of Beijing Bus Route Operations" on the 2nd.

The "Announcement" pointed out that in order to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the restoration of economic and social order, effectively solve the travel pressure of people entering Beijing in Sanhe City, and meet the travel needs, it was decided to gradually and orderly resume the operation of the cross-Beijing-Hebei bus line.

  The announcement pointed out that 12 bus routes from Sanhe to Beijing, including 811, 812, 813, 814, 815 Express, 818, 819, 882, 893, 894, Yanjiao Line, and 930, are scheduled to resume in an orderly manner on July 3.

  Passengers entering Beijing must hold an ID card and a nucleic acid negative certificate within 72 hours. They can take the car after taking a temperature test. When returning to Sanhe, they must undergo a temperature test, and they can enter Sanhe City after scanning "Sanhe Epidemic Protection".

At the same time, it is necessary to actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention staff, take the initiative to show relevant information, and standardize the wearing of masks during the ride to do personal protection.