American actor Edward Meeks, hero of the television soap opera

Les Globe-Trotters

alongside Yves Rénier, died Saturday morning in the Paris region at the age of 90, AFP learned from his family.

Born in Jonesboro (Arkansas), Edward Meeks had lived in France since the 1950s. He had spent his entire career there, until becoming a figure in cinema and television.

After beginning his career as a stuntman in

Le Jour le plus long

, released in 1962, he played the captain of a hijacked plane in

Le Clan des Siciliens

by Henri Verneuil (1969) and appeared in a total of twenty films, from the policeman

Maigret sees red

(1963) to

Châteauroux District


He had toured with Grace Kelly

With his fairness and his American accent, he was above all the star of the very popular soap opera

Les Globe-Trotters

(1966), alongside Yves Rénier, a duo of adventurous journalists who went around the world.

He was also part of the cast in 1982 of the unpublished short film


with the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly and was on stage in the 1970s. Widower since 2017 of the novelist Jacqueline Monsigny, married in 1972, he had co-authored several books memories from the 2000s.


Actor and director Yves Rénier, known for his role as commissioner Moulin, died at 78


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