During a recent interview, Christian Bale was asked if he would be willing to reprise the role of Batman if given the opportunity.

A question that initially confused him, but to which he was quick to respond positively.

“Nobody ever asked me that.

Usually I'm told, “Oh, I heard you were approached for this or offered that”.

And I say, “I didn't know.

Nobody ever told me,'" the actor, who played the Dark Knight in Christopher Nolan's trilogy, told Screenrant.

And precisely, Christian Bale would agree to put on the Batman costume only if the filmmaker returned behind the camera.

Three is already not bad

“I had a pact with Chris Nolan.

We said to ourselves: “If we are lucky enough to achieve this, let's make three films.

And let's move on.

Let's not linger,” Christian Bale recalled.

In my mind, it would be something if Chris Nolan said to himself, "You know what, I have another story to tell."

And if he wanted to tell this story with me, I would be in.


As such, Christian Bale recently admitted that he has yet to see Robert Pattinson's performance in

The Batman


" I am going to see him.

But listen, mate, it's amazing how little movies I see, he revealed to



All the directors I work with, I've seen one or two of their films and they always look at me and say, "Are you kidding?"

I really like to savor movies and I don't watch too many of them.

But I will definitely see it.


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