Tarí, tará, tarí, tararuuuuuu.

In the Plaza Mayor of each municipality in Spain, the music band will once again perform its flowery repertoire of pasodobles, marches and popular classics this summer.

And among all the bands,

the most listened to will be... the one that accompanies C Tangana

, in which it can and should be considered the

best show by a Spanish artist at the moment


Up to thirty trumpets, violins, violas, tubas, trombones and French horns of what we know as folk


give sonorous body to the desire of the Madrilenian to present himself as the

archetype of the popular artist of our time


That was his bet when he moved away from rap and rap and recorded the rumbas, the classic Latin rhythms and even the rock of

El madrileño

, the best-selling album in our country in 2021, for which he was recognized with three awards Grammy.

And that is his bet now live.

After a brief spring tour of only six concerts at sports halls, C Tangana has made his festive folk concert

the most desired number of this summer's festivals


Up to 17 concerts at festivals in 10 communities will be offered.

And his cache is as bulky as his production is ambitious: more than 300,000 euros per performance, according to various sources consulted, in a range that can vary depending on the format and duration contracted or if the artist has played in the city in recent months.

International star price for an international level production.

Does it seem like a fortune?

But if the man

is worth his weight in gold

, even if his weight is not much.

There shouldn't be more than 65 kilos of C Tangana on stage, which in boxing is a welterweight, and precisely when the big curtain falls, the man begins the


throwing fists and jumping to the rhythm of

Still rapping

while the brass of the orchestra blow like a gale


It is one of the few songs that he offers from his past in urban music, such as



Llorando en la limo


Before dying

(his duet with Rosalía from 2016).

So some rap, very little trap and no reggaeton on Tangana's


, who wears a double-breasted jacket from the seafront, an occasional silk scarf over his lapels and his gaze hidden behind black hangover-style glasses.

This is how he was seen this Friday at the

Río Babel festival in Madrid

, where of course he was headlining before 27,500 people, which are not a few.

Since this is a big party, we are in a party room

or, if you prefer, in a boite, as long as they pronounce boite and not



Some musicians and guests are divided into several round tables with floor-length tablecloths and a lamp in the center.

A waiter in a white jacket and black bow tie is handing out drinks, and the sky has lit up.

Welcome to Spain, year 2022.




broadcast on cinemascope on a giant screen

that occupies the entire upper part of the stage.

It has the aesthetics of a movie that goes through a night out and is perfectly choreographed and measured, from the ballroom dances to the flamenco after-dinner table and some wild moments like a wedding disco.

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