The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau investigates and handles the first case of examination fraud in the city

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhang Nan) Recently, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation imposed administrative penalties on Zhu for cheating in the English self-study test.

This case is the first case of examinee fraud that has been investigated and handled by the market supervision department since the administrative punishment power in the field of education was assigned to the market supervision department. Exam Fraud Cases.

  It is understood that in the English (2) subject of the higher education self-study examination in October 2021, Zhu XX brought his mobile phone into the examination room in violation of regulations, secretly photographed part of the test paper and sent it to the personnel outside the test room, and then copied the returned answers in the test paper. After the exam, screenshots of the exam questions and answers were distributed in the WeChat group.

After the competent education department discovers the suspected illegal clues, it will transfer the case clues to the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau in accordance with the law in December 2021.

  After investigation and evidence collection in accordance with the law, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with Article 79 of the Education Law of the People's Republic of China, imposed an administrative penalty of suspending the self-study exam for one year.