An unfailing eye.

This Friday, Adele performed in front of thousands of people in London as part of the BST Hyde Park festival.

In the middle of her concert, as she was about to start the seventh track of her setlist, the singer asked her group to stop playing.

"Wait, stop, stop, stop," she exclaimed after only saying the first four words of her


title track .

"Do you need security there?"

“, she asked the attention of a dozen people who raised their arms in the air.

"Right in the middle there, see where they're all waving?"

Do you see them?

You can go ?

“, she continued, addressing the agents.

“They are coming, they are coming.

Everyone clear the way, please,” the singer continued to applause from the rest of the crowd.

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An emotional start to the concert

After making sure that the person in need of help had been taken care of, Adele turned on her heels to return to her original position.

"Okay, let's do it again," she said before the notes of the James Bond


rang out again.

This concert marked Adele's return to the stage after the release of her fourth album and the cancellation of her residency in Las Vegas.

When she arrived on stage, the singer did not manage to hold back her tears.

"Oh, I'm so happy to be here", she was moved without even being able to finish the first sentence of her hit




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