From the first weekend of July, the heat wave was severe.

Today (2nd), many places across the country, including Daejeon and Buseon, recorded all-time highs in early July, and places around the country, including Seoul, once again set new highs this year.

As the heat wave continues tomorrow, the daytime temperature in Seoul will rise to 33 degrees and to 35 degrees in Cheongju and Daegu, where heatwave warnings are in effect.

The southern coast and Jeju Island will have rain tomorrow afternoon, but it will not come cool enough to relieve the heat wave, and showers will pass inland tomorrow as well.

Meanwhile, as Typhoon Airi's predicted course has changed slightly, it is expected to pass through the Korea Strait on Tuesday after affecting only Jeju next Monday, as currently expected.

Due to the indirect effect of the typhoon, rain is expected in the southern coast and east coast of Yeongnam early next week.

There will be thick fog in parts of the central region until tomorrow morning, and UV rays will be strong during the day again tomorrow.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)