Alexis Patri 2:00 p.m., July 02, 2022

Guest on Saturday of Isabelle Morizet's show "There is not just one life" on Europe 1 to present the film "Ducobu president", comedian and actor Elie Semoun returned to his choice of roles in the cinema .

And in particular on a comedy character that he had refused to embody, in a film which brought together nearly 5 million French people. 


It is as a director that Elie Semoun is Saturday the guest of Isabelle Morizet

's program There is not only one life in life

 on Europe 1, for the film 

Ducobu president

(in which he also plays. But it is also Elie Semoun, a film actor who confided in his career. And in particular on the role he refused to play in a comedy for the general public: 

The truth if I lie

. comedian and actor returns without regret on this choice, but recognizes all the same an error of judgment, guided by an unexpected element.

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A refusal motivated by an unexpected reason

Why did Elie Semoun not want to play in this film?

"I don't know, I was wrong," he explains, before recalling that other colleagues had made the same choice.

"Guy Bedos said no, Yvan Attal said no. I was not the only one to say no."

This was also the case of Antoine de Caunes, Dominique Farrugia and Jean-Pierre Bacri, who all three refused the role offered to them. 

"I also said no to other films which flops. So we can be wrong, we can be right", adds Elie Semoun at the microphone of Europe 1. Unlike some of his colleagues, this is not is not the scenario of the film which had displeased the actor and comedian.

Elie Semoun refused to play in 

The truth if I lie

for a more comical reason.

"I was doing a show with Dieudo and I had to go on vacation. We had just shot Everything must disappear with José Garcia and Ophélie, Winter", he recalls.

"José had spoken to me about

The truth if I lie.

I hesitated. And I chose the holidays."

The film, without Elie Semoun, will be seen in French theaters by 4.9 million spectators.