The new attempt to assassinate the president is the arrest of a person in front of a government headquarters who was planning a terrorist act, according to the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior, without mentioning his name or publishing his photo as evidence of these attempts.

German television DW has counted the number of assassination attempts against Qais Saeed since 2019, as the first attempt was in August 2020 by putting a deadly poison in the bread the president ate, but the Minister of Justice decided to stop the investigation for insufficiency. Evidence.

As for the second attempt, on January 25, 2021, known as the incident of the poisoned expulsion directed at the President of the Republic, the Director of the Court, upon opening it, suffered a fainting state, loss of sight and a severe headache, but the Public Prosecution announced, after investigations, that the suspicious package did not contain any toxic substances.

In June 2021, the Tunisian president alluded to a new assassination attempt, without revealing the details of the incident or the party behind it.

Qais and the constitution

The Tunisian president has been promoting for some time that the state is without religion, and he forgot his previous defense that Islam is the state religion.

"Nazih Al-Ahdab" presenter "Above Authority" asked, is Qais the presidential candidate different from Qais the president?

In 2014, Qais Saeed accused those who oppose Islam as the state religion of appointing himself as the guardian of the Tunisian people. Therefore, Nazih Al-Ahdab returned and asked again: Did Qais Saeed set himself up as the guardian of the Tunisian people by abolishing the same article of the new constitution?

Would he have succeeded in the elections if he had presented this issue during his election campaign?

Was the Tunisian voice hijacked?

in contrast;

The Tunisian opposition, Abir Moussa, attributed the ideas of Qais Said to the Islamic Liberation Party, which calls for the restoration of the caliphate, and Said was participating in their meetings.

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