On the day of the centenary of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, its head Sergei Naryshkin spoke out on the most important issue of our time, the resolution of which will determine the balance of power on the planet for the entire 21st century - the future of Ukraine.

Judging by the data of our intelligence officers, this future does not actually exist.

Kyiv is sentenced.

The West is ready to sacrifice the Square for its long-term geopolitical interests, turning its territory almost to the borders of 1654.

Millions of Ukrainians who dreamed of independence will end up with nothing.

Their "Mriya" will burn like an airplane in Gostomel.

Warsaw will act as the operator of the process of destruction of Ukrainian statehood.

The Polish leadership has begun working out scenarios for the "de facto dismemberment of Ukraine," Naryshkin said.

The reason is the successes on the battlefield of the Russian armed forces in alliance with the armies of the DPR and LPR.

The imminent liberation of Donbass and Novorossiya by our guys will put an end to the reputation of the Zelensky regime, whose prospects the Poles assess as “disappointing”.

The coming chaos, the vacuum of power at its borders, Warsaw is preparing to fill one way or another.

“The option of creating a Polish-controlled proxy state in Eastern Kresy, which will be “under the protection” of the Polish armed forces, is being worked out.

At the same time, a project is being considered to form a “buffer zone” from the central regions of Ukraine, which, according to the Poles, will allow them to avoid an extremely undesirable direct clash with Russia, ”the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service shared intelligence.

This plan will inevitably be approved by the US and Britain, when the collapse of the Kyiv regime becomes quite obvious, the Poles are sure.

Or already approved?

Rather the latter.

If you look at the facts, the absorption of part of Ukraine by Poland is fundamentally a settled issue.

It's just a matter of specific details, forms.

The SVR knew back in April that Warsaw and Washington were working out ways to establish tight military-political control over Poland's "historical possessions" in Ukraine.

Then the introduction of Polish "peacekeepers" was discussed, first under the auspices of NATO, and then - so that God forbid not to collide with the Russian military machine - at their own peril and risk.

The prudence of the West, which fears a big war with Moscow, is easily explained.

It is relatively safe to pump weapons into Ukraine and use Ukrainians to harm Russia, but it is scary to give the Russians a legitimate reason to strike at their own territory.

Therefore, the adversary is literally trying to walk along the razor's edge, getting the maximum benefits from the conflict near our borders, territorial acquisitions and paying the minimum price for this.

The West has always been prudent.

As a result of all these combinations, at least five Ukrainian regions - Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Volyn and Rivne - can become part of Poland.

Historical precedents for absorption are through the roof.

And all the arguments about the supposedly outdated struggle for territory in the 21st century are nothing more than a cover for predatory plans for the time being.

For the Polish nationalists in power, raving about the restoration of the Commonwealth, sewing a piece of Ukraine onto themselves is a real triumph.

They will never turn down an opportunity like this.

Of course, that historical state, born after the union of Poland with Lithuania, included many other territories ... But so far there is a real opportunity to profit only in Ukraine.

The seizure of land from Kyiv will allow Warsaw to at least to some extent heal the deepest psychological complex caused by the historical defeat from Russia, which for centuries led and won the race for dominance, participated in the repeated partitions of Poland and directly owned it in imperial and Soviet times.

And this is after the Poles were sitting in the Moscow Kremlin.

It was precisely for the sake of historical revenge (in fact, underrevenge) in Ukraine that Poland adopted a program for a sharp increase in the size of its army.

Soon its number will increase from 115 thousand to 300 thousand people, and the military budget will grow by almost one and a half times.

It should not be thought that such plans are accepted because there is nothing to do.

No "soft power" fashionable in the world lately will replace the good old rusty bayonets.

She can only complete them.

Poland is preparing to conquer territories.

Another obvious sign of the expansionist aspirations of Warsaw is the discussion at the Conference of Polish Bishops (the central governing body of the Catholic Church in Poland) about the absorption of the Lviv Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

Ideology and military strength, as always, go side by side.

At the beginning of the last century, the Entente already approved of such actions by Poland for the sake of "protection against the Bolshevik threat."

The West will approve the expansion of Warsaw even now.

Kyiv will obviously have to part with Western Ukraine.

And they seem to have resigned themselves to the inevitable.

It is impossible to interpret the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in any other way than the readiness to surrender part of their sovereignty to Warsaw.

According to the innovations, the rights of Poles in Ukraine will be comparable to the rights of local residents.

Ukraine even transferred control over information about its taxpayers to Poland... At the same time, in Poland, Ukrainians are increasingly being pointed out to their place.

Numerous refugee assistance programs have just begun to be curtailed there.

The Poles are preparing to become masters over the Ukrainians.

The sweet speeches of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda (his functions are representative, the main one in Poland is the Prime Minister), in a Russophobic fervor, he promised Zelensky to remove the border between the two supposedly fraternal countries in order to “live together, building together their common happiness and common strength” (against Moscow) should be understood as a cover operation for the future annexation of Western Ukraine, a kind of political anesthesia, so that it would not be very painful for Kyiv to lose part of the territory.

But when this happens, it will be too late to argue.

Warsaw prefers to keep silent about the fact that other neighbors of Ukraine (Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, each of which has its own, albeit small, but quite historically justified territorial claims against Kyiv), may follow the example of Poland.

It's not her problem.

Your shirt is closer to your body.

But it will be so - the policy of the West will literally tear Ukraine apart.

Russia may simply not have time to liberate it entirely.

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