From July 1st, all 5A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai will be reopened

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, June 30 (Reporter Chen Aiping) The reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on the 30th that from July 1, more national A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai will open their doors to welcome guests.

Among them, 4 national 5A-level tourist attractions, including the National 1st, 2nd, and 4th Memorial Hall Scenic Spots of the Communist Party of China, will all be reopened.

  Shanghai Scenic Spot implements the management of "reservation, peak shift, and current limit", implements real-name ticket purchase reservations, guides entry into the park by time periods, and does a good job of real-time monitoring and early warning of passenger flow and on-site diversion and diversion.

The Shanghai Cultural Tourism System further optimizes people's experience of booking travel and off-peak travel through special services such as "one-sip reservation", "one-code travel" and "one-click express delivery".

  The Memorial Hall of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China resumes its opening on July 1; the venue implements the "real-name system and time-based" online reservations, and all audiences (including the elderly and children) must visit the official "National Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China" 1 to 7 days in advance. Wechat public account for online reservation.

The Memorial Hall of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China reminds that the audience must make an appointment in advance in the "Red Road" and "Shanghai Jing'an" apps.

The four major memorial halls of the Communist Party of China remind that visits must be booked online in advance through the "Hongtu" or "Leyou Shanghai" platform.

The "red special line car" supporting the scenic spots of the First, Second and Fourth Memorial Halls of the Communist Party of China will also resume operations from July 1.

  The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Natural History Museum (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Branch), and Shanghai Planetarium (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Branch), which have also reopened since July 1, have been favored by parents and families.

Since 12:00 on June 30, the three venues have reopened the official website and WeChat public account to purchase tickets and make reservations.

When entering the venue, the audience needs to present their electronic "Send Code" or the original ID card, and swipe the "Digital Sentinel" for verification.

  The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of the first tourist attractions in Shanghai to be reopened from June 1, and some of the outdoor projects in the scenic area will be reopened first.

According to the person in charge, smart applications such as "Digital Sentinel" not only help the scenic spot to implement epidemic prevention and control, but also allow citizens and tourists to have a smooth and convenient tour experience.

From July 1, the scenic spot will further open indoor parts such as the revolving restaurant in the sky.

  There are currently 134 national A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai.

Since June, more and more scenic spots have been reopened in a strict and orderly manner following the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Shanghai A-level Tourist Scenic Spots (First Edition in 2022)".

It is estimated that by July 1, there will be about 80 national A-level tourist attractions in Shanghai that will resume welcoming guests.

The famous Huangpu River tour will also resume operation from July 1.