Even the interview that Ezra Miller gave to The Hollywood Reporter three and a half years ago was strange.

Not just the unicorn costume that the movie star wore back then.

Not just the chipped nail polish or the joint Miller smoked while reporter Tatiana Siegel was visiting his Vermont farm.

What the then twenty-six-year-old said was also bizarre.

"We're probably all mentally ill," Miller described the celebrity cult, called Hollywood filmmakers a group of prostitutes, and said he didn't feel like a man or a woman: "I just see myself as a human being." The journalist celebrated it Starring in the Fantastic Beasts films and DC Comics productions' superhero Flash as the film's "blossoming queer icon."

Since this week at the latest, the songs of praise have fallen silent.

After speculation about his whereabouts, it became known that the 29-year-old is holed up on his farm - with a Hawaiian woman allegedly fleeing her husband, their three children, an arsenal of weapons and countless cannabis plants.

As reported by "Rolling Stone", the children's father is said to have informed the police and youth welfare office.

The Hawaiian isn't the first to worry about his children becoming too close to Miller.

A few weeks ago, Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sara Jumping Eagle filed for a temporary restraining order against Miller on behalf of their 18-year-old daughter, Native American, environmental activist and Greta Thunberg comrade-in-arms Tokata Iron Eyes.

The members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in South Dakota accuse the film star of having approached the then 12-year-old Tokata in 2016 during protests against a pipeline through Indian land.

Miller is said to have repeatedly drugged and hit the girl, who has since come out as genderqueer and calls herself "Gibson".

Her child "not only has psychological problems, but has also fallen into the hands of a predator",

Jumping Eagle told Rolling Stone.

In mid-June, a Massachusetts court issued an injunction to protect a 12-year-old boy from being molested.

The negative headlines began to pile up

The actor's string of crashes, raised in the small northeast Manhattan town of Wyckoff as the child of a dancer and a publisher, began in 2008 shortly after his first major role in the drug drama Afterschool.

Miller dropped out of high school at the time, and a few years later, his first arrest for drug possession followed.

With the corona pandemic, negative headlines began to pile up.

Miller flew to Iceland in spring 2020 following a break from filming Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore in London.

When he went to pubs in Reykjavik, he repeatedly provoked arguments when he was drunk.

A video shows him putting a woman in a headlock.

Bartenders also told Variety of aggressive outbursts.

During Miller's visit to Berlin in February, an acquaintance whom the actor had met two years earlier through online chats called the police.

“He called me a Nazi and called me transphobic.

I was afraid that he would also physically attack me, "said "Nadia" to the industry journal.

The public prosecutor's office in Berlin is said to have stopped the investigation when Miller left Germany.

The actor then shifted the violent excesses to Hawaii.

After assaults at a private party and in a karaoke bar, as well as dozens of complaints, the island nation's police arrested the actor at least twice in the spring.

The investigations are ongoing.

At the American film company Warner Bros., meanwhile, a mood of crisis is spreading.

The premiere of the movie “The Flash” is planned for summer 2023.

The $200 million production has already wrapped - with Miller in the title role of the superhero.