With "Zhang Guimei Spirit" as the light, young rural teachers build their dreams

  "The red plum blossoms are blooming, the blossoms are shining, the head is held high, the flowers are in full bloom, and the fragrance is floating in the sky..." On June 7, the 2022 college entrance examination will start.

On the bus to the test center, students from Huaping Girls' High School in Lijiang, Yunnan, and their principal Zhang Guimei sang "Praise of Red Plum" together.

The video of Zhang Guimei sending the test has been repeatedly swiped, and many netizens shouted: "Behind the test is Principal Zhang's heavy love."

  The 2022 "Beautiful Young Rural Teachers" search activity jointly initiated by China Youth Daily, China Youth Development Foundation and Lenovo Group is underway.

On the eve of "July 1st", the reporter interviewed several young rural teachers. In their hearts, Principal Zhang Guimei was like a beacon, illuminating the light of hope in the mountains.

  "As long as I have one breath left, I will stand on the podium, do my best, give everything, and have no regrets even if I die!" Zhang Guimei's words at the "July 1 Medal" awarding ceremony shocked Ding Zhibin, a young man born in the 1985s. .

In his view, Principal Zhang Guimei's spirit of teaching and educating people inspires the younger generation of teachers to take root in the countryside; her sense of responsibility and mission of "toughness, purity, and willingness to be a ladder" inspires more and more young party members and teachers to use Responsibilities and Responsibilities Give children the "wings" to fly out of the mountains, and contribute their youthful talents to the revitalization of the countryside.

  Nine years ago, when Ding Zhibin, a new teacher at Niujie Yi Nationality Township Middle School in Midu County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, arrived at the school, he saw a narrow and dilapidated teaching building, a few steel-reinforced school gates, and surrounding roads. Potholes.

In such a difficult environment, many students insist on walking to class every day, and it takes seven or eight hours to go back and forth.

Ding Zhibin was deeply moved by the yearning for classrooms and books in their eyes. He was determined to do a good job in teaching and aspired to become an excellent rural teacher.

  Ding Zhibin helped the students to open their hearts; brought his own quilt to warm the students for the winter; strived for many opportunities to study and took the students to Beijing, Shanghai and other places to open their eyes... "The children of the Yi nationality township are like flowers and bones on the other side, teachers have to work hard, Just wait for the flowers to bloom." Ding Zhibin said.

  According to Yang Caixia, a post-1985 youth party member and a teacher at the Central Primary School in Qingduo Town, Bomi County, Nyingchi, Tibet, Zhang Guimei's "July 1st Medal" honor is "in recognition of her practical actions in ordinary positions and practice of the original intention and mission of the Communist Party. ”, “This inspires me to aspire to be a party member teacher like her, caring about students, dedicating to education, and serving the people.”

  During her 10 years of teaching, Yang Caixia devoted herself to the students. "When I encountered difficulties at work, I remembered Principal Zhang's persistent belief in not giving up or abandoning every student, and I immediately felt refreshed and full of energy."

This made her feel that teaching in a remote mountainous area in Tibet is a very meaningful thing, and education in Tibet is full of hope.

  "Students have lights in the distance, roads under their feet, and light in front of them. Even in the valleys, they can see the wonderful world outside and see a bright future." Like Zhang Guimei, Zhu Lingling, who was born in a poor family in the mountainous area of ​​Guizhou, also has the same experience. dream.

After graduating from university at the age of 24, she gave up employment opportunities in big cities and chose to return to her hometown of Zhangjiazhai Primary School in Sinan County, Tongren City, Guizhou Province to teach.

"It's been 6 years now, and I don't regret this choice. The conditions of rural schools are difficult, and this is the value and meaning of our adherence."

  Zhu Lingling takes Zhang Guimei as her role model. She has never stopped visiting students' homes, and accompanies the left-behind children in rural areas with care and love... "I'm still far behind Principal Zhang. She endured the pain and still worked hard, which really touched me." As a post-90s probationary party member, Zhu Lingling made up her mind to keep her own position in her teaching in the future, "to be a people's teacher with sincerity and sincerity like Principal Zhang Guimei."

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Xian Oujie Source: China Youth Daily