At the zoo in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, a baby wallaby, a kangaroo companion born this spring, has been released and is gaining popularity.

The baby wallaby was born at "Himeji Central Park" in Himeji City, and it was confirmed that the baby was coming out of the bag of the female tummy in late April.

After that, in late May, the keeper helped me fall from the bag to the ground, and the weight increased from 630 grams to 1030 grams in artificial nursing.

From June, it will be open to the public at the special exhibition hall, and the baby will be exposed from the cloth pocket handmade by the keeper.

Of the five milk hours a day, two times during the opening hours, the keeper explains the growth while feeding with a baby bottle, and the visiting families and others look at the cute figure through the glass. I used to take pictures.

A male office worker in his 40s who visited with his family from Kobe said, "I came without knowing that my baby was born, but it's cute. I'm worried because it's hot."

Mariko Takehara, a keeper of Himeji Central Park, said, "At first, my body temperature was so low that I couldn't touch it, but I'm glad I could open it to the public. I'm often asked how it's in the bag, but look at it. I want you to imagine it. "