This is the 33rd anniversary of "Showa Comedy King", Kanbi Fujiyama.

Her daughter Naomi Fujiyama, who has inherited her ambitions and continues to rise to her stage, will hold her final rehearsal performance in honor of Hiromi, and her rehearsal will be held on the 30th. I did.

Born in Osaka in 1929, Kanbi Fujiyama played an active role as the center of "Shochiku Shinkigeki", and the stage that included laughter, tears, and ad-lib with the members of the theater company became very popular.

Hiromi died at the age of 60, and since this is the 33rd anniversary, a rehearsal performance will be held at the Shinbashi Enbujo in Tokyo, and the performers including daughter and actor Naomi Fujiyama will rehearse. The we.

Of the performances, "Osaka Girai Monogatari" is set in a cotton wholesaler in Senba during the Taisho era, and Naomi replaces the eccentric second son played by Hiromi with plenty of humor.

Naomi played her daughter's feelings of cherishing her family, regardless of her traditions and traditions, while showing her lovable expression that retains the remnants of her father.

Naomi intends to make her father's rehearsal performance last this time, and after the rehearsal, "The actor, Kanbi Fujiyama, has been thinking about taking care of the customers the most. I think it will be, so I would like to work hard. "

"Kanbi Fujiyama 33rd Anniversary Performance" will be held from the 1st to the 25th of next month.