When researchers at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan analyzed the observation data, which is said to have taken the outline of a black hole for the first time in the world, they announced the result of disagreeing that the ring-shaped structure that became the outline could not be confirmed. , Can be an academic discussion.

The image of the black hole was taken by an international research group including Japan at the position where it is said that there is a black hole about 55 million light-years away by connecting six radio telescopes in the world, and three years ago, it was the first outline in the world. It became a big topic when we announced that we were able to shoot the ring-shaped structure.

Assistant Professor Makoto Miyoshi of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, which is different from this international research group, held a press conference online on June 30, and announced that the ring-shaped structure could not be confirmed when the same data was analyzed again.

Assistant Professor Miyoshi argues that it is the result of using a more correct analysis method, and that it will be published in a specialized academic journal.

Meanwhile, an international research group that announced that it had photographed the ring-shaped structure of a black hole commented, "Observation data has been analyzed by four independent research groups so far, and all of them reproduce ring-shaped images. The content published this time is based on a wrong understanding. "It may become an academic discussion in the future.