Two seemingly unrelated pieces of news from Estonia.

First news: the government withdrew funding for the construction of a new Tallinn hospital.

Also, they will not finance the construction of the Turba-Risti railway and the purchase of a multi-purpose medical helicopter.

Finance Minister Keith-Pentus Rosimannus offered confusing explanations: they wanted to take money from the EU Economic Recovery Fund, but Estonia’s indicators improved, the EU did not give money, and then the indicators worsened again, everything went up - in general, figs to you, not a hospital with by helicopter.

The second news: NATO will deploy 15-20 thousand British troops in Estonia, a division command headquarters will appear in the country, and the Estonians will pay for it... that's right!

“The situation is that they want to cooperate with countries that themselves invest heavily in their defense, which are motivated to do this and are always ready to run one more lap than others,” said Defense Minister Kusti Salma.

The trouble is that the inhabitants of the country were able to link the two news together and a scandal is gaining momentum on the Internet.

The people are surprised how this is so: there is no money for a hospital for Estonians, but there is for military bases for the British.

Most importantly: do not remind them that Estonia has also transferred almost all of its weapons to Ukraine and now, apparently, will be buying new ones.

People won't understand for sure.

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