Enthusiastic citizens who report illegally modified electric vehicles receive 10,000 yuan bonus

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Wang Wei) An enthusiastic citizen in Beijing won a prize of 10,000 yuan for reporting clues about illegally modified electric bicycles.

Recently, at the reporting bonus distribution ceremony organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and the Beijing Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association, the Beijing agent of Yadea brand electric bicycles awarded a bonus of 10,000 yuan to an enthusiastic citizen in Beijing.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that since March 2021, the Beijing Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Association and 11 well-known electric bicycle brands have established a reward system for reporting illegally modified electric bicycles. The market supervision department has accepted 13 illegal clues transferred by the Beijing Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Association. , 6 cases of illegally refitting electric bicycles were investigated and dealt with, and the agents of the corresponding brands (Tailing, Mavericks, Emma, ​​Yadi) awarded a total of 50,000 yuan in bonuses to the whistleblowers.

  According to reports, the citizen immediately called the hotline set up by the Beijing Bicycle and Electric Vehicle Association to report the case after discovering that a Yadea electric bicycle store in Haidian District had illegally modified electric bicycles.

The association immediately notified the report clues to the market supervision department, and the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with it.

According to the on-site inspection and the video and WeChat transfer records provided by the whistleblower, law enforcement officers found that the store did illegally modify electric bicycles, and the merchant also confessed to the illegal behavior.

  According to the relevant provisions of the "Beijing Non-motor Vehicle Management Regulations", the Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of 10,000 yuan on illegal electric bicycle stores.

The agents of Yadi brand electric bicycles fulfilled their promises and issued 10,000 yuan of reporting bonuses to the whistleblowers in accordance with the regulations of the illegally modified electric bicycle reporting reward system.

  It is understood that in order to strengthen and standardize the electric bicycle market in this city, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Supervision will continue to carry out special rectification actions for electric bicycles since May 2021.

Up to now, the city's market supervision departments have inspected more than 100,000 electric bicycle-related business entities, filed and investigated 240 electric bicycle-related cases, fined more than 4.49 million yuan, and seized nearly 4,000 electric bicycles suspected of violating regulations.