After the written exams of the baccalaureate, it is the turn of the youngest to look at their copies.

The college students started these two days of exams with a day devoted to French on Thursday morning.

And more particularly to an iconic exercise – and a pet peeve for some – dictation.

College patent candidates will be assessed on Aesop's fable "The Mosquito and the Lion" for this 2022 edition. We share the full text of this dictation.

The mosquito and the lion

A mosquito approached a lion and said, “I am not afraid of you, and you are not more powerful than me.

If you want, I even challenge you to fight.

And, sounding its trunk, the mosquito swooped down on him, biting the hairless muzzle around the nostrils.

As for the lion, he tore himself with his own claws, until he gave up the fight.

The mosquito, having vanquished the lion, sounded its trumpet, intoned a song of victory, and took flight.

But he got entangled in a spider's web: while it devoured him, he lamented being killed by a common animal, a spider, he who had fought the most powerful animals.


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