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    A reader asked us if Emmanuel Macron had kept his promise, made in 2017, to pay compensation of 3,000 euros net to all teachers in reinforced priority education.

  • The allowance was indeed put in place from 2018, but it includes a variable part, which did not appear in Emmanuel Macron's campaign program in 2017.

While the government has just announced a 3.5% salary increase for civil servants, has Emmanuel Macron really kept his promise to pay compensation to teachers in REP +, the reinforced priority education zones?

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Emmanuel Macron had actually committed to it during his campaign in 2017. "First and second degree teachers who practice in REP + will be better supported and will receive an additional annual bonus of 3,000 euros net".


If the implementation of the allowance has been gradual since 2018, not all teachers receive these 3,000 euros in their entirety: it does indeed include a flexible part, which was not specified in the training program. Emanuel Macron.

On the National Education website *, it is indicated that teachers and professors in REP + had at the last start of September an allowance of 5,114 euros gross, including a flexible part of up to 702 euros per year.

This amount of 5,114 euros is made up of an old indemnity which had been set up in 2015, during the five-year term of François Hollande, and the indemnity promised by Emmanuel Macron.

This was gradually rolled out in tranches of 1,000 euros from the start of the 2018 academic year.

However, not all teachers and professors receive this allowance of 3,000 euros in its entirety, reminds

20 Minutes

Anne-Sophie Legrand, national secretary of Snes-FSU and responsible for the college sector.

The trade unionist deplores this situation: part of the last tranche of 1,000 euros is indeed variable.

Of this share, all teachers are guaranteed to receive 400 euros net, then 25% will receive an additional 200 euros, 50% 360 euros and the last quarter 600 euros.

Teachers are not assessed individually to know what level they will reach: the amounts are allocated by establishment.

But on what criteria?

It is the participation in several devices that has been scrutinized this year: "the learning holidays, the open school or the cords of success", lists Anne-Sophie Legrand, who recalls that the establishment of the allowance " varies greatly from one academy to another.

Some implemented it in April, others in May still did not know what bonuses they were going to receive.

The variable part is renewed for the next school year, she confirms.

The trade unionist also denounces a “big hiatus between teachers in REP and REP +”.

Teachers in REP, the majority of the priority education network, receive a gross allowance of 1,734 euros, or 3,380 euros less than the highest allowance in REP +.

12.3% of public schoolchildren were educated in REP at the start of the 2020 school year and 14.3% of public schoolchildren, according to National Education.

They were slightly less in REP +: 8% of schoolchildren and 7.3% of college students.


Contacted, National Education was unable to respond to our requests before the publication of the article.


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