Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms have led to accidents and flooding in the Czech Republic.

At Karlstejn Castle near Prague, an express train hit a boulder on Thursday that had slipped down the soaked embankment.

The locomotive and the first wagon derailed.

According to the rescue workers, five people were slightly injured.

There were around 150 passengers on the train.

Since further landslides threatened in the area, the route remained temporarily closed.

In some places, streams and small rivers burst their banks.

In Cesky Krumlov in southern Bohemia, the Polecnice Stream, a tributary of the Vltava River, flooded the houses of a street.

Fire brigades deployed hundreds of times across the country to pump out basements and clear fallen trees from streets.

Cars and roofs were damaged by hail in several places.

The national weather service warned of further storms.