It was belatedly known that male comedian A, a male comedian in his 30s, who appeared on the public comedy program 'People in search of laughter' and made his name known, was arrested on charges of quasi-rape.

According to iMBC on the 30th, comedian A was arrested on charges of quasi-rape and illegal filming and is being investigated. The details of the charges are unknown.

Person A was born in 1986 and entered the entertainment industry as a comedian in the 7th SBS recruitment in 2003.

He gained popularity by appearing in 'People Who Seek Laughter' in the 2000s, but has recently been reported to be working for a company.

Prior to this, Mr. A was sued for spreading false facts through media articles in 2020 that he had not lent 10 million won to a female acquaintance and received a false police report.

After that, Mr. A had a history of avoiding police investigations for nearly a year, and eventually received a 5 million won Old Testament disposition from the court at the end of the investigation.

After that, Mr. A lost in a civil lawsuit filed by the victim last year and was ordered to pay 20 million won, but he did not pay the damages to the victim after six months, so he was registered on the list of defaulters.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)