A few days ago, it rained suddenly in Tieling, Liaoning

  An elderly couple on an electric tricycle

  Going hard in the rain

  When the driver of the car in front saw this, he got out of the car from the trunk

  Take out a colorful umbrella

  Hold it open and hand it to the uncle, then drive away

  After the incident, some media contacted the umbrella driver

  It is understood that he is a veteran

  He said that giving umbrellas is just a little effort

  And emphasize that he is the one who is moved

  "At that time, the rain was so heavy that it was like washing my face

  The couple is in a raincoat

  The big brother gave his wife clothes, and he was soaked in the rain

  very impressed”

  Just what you need, just what I can do

  in life

  Kindness and warmth are everywhere


  Recently, Ms. Wang from Shandong

  300,000 to 400,000 catties of wheat were dried in the yard

  Unexpectedly, it started to thunder suddenly after two o'clock in the night.

  "My parents were sleeping

  The neighbors knocked on the door to wake them up to harvest wheat"

  At the same time, more relatives and neighbors

  Coming from all directions

  Some didn't even have time to change clothes

  Came to help in slippers and a vest

  With more than 30 people working together

  All the wheat is harvested before the rainstorm

  food loss avoided

  Everywhere, come and go

  Watching and helping each other in the storm

  It is the kindness in the bones of the Chinese people

  Late at night, Panzhihua, Sichuan

  A 5-year-old boy crying alone on the road

  shouting for daddy

  After the passing takeaway brother and courier found out

  Stop immediately to inquire about the situation and call the police for help

  Although it is late at night

  But the little boy

  More and more good-hearted people gathered

  A rider takes off his jacket and puts it on him

  A woman picks up a crying sad little boy

  soothe the emotions

  There are also enthusiastic citizens who send friends to find people

  After a while, the police arrived at the scene

  Until the boy was successfully handed back to his father

  The kind-hearted people who stay by his side can leave with confidence

  A little bit of kindness, gathered into light

  Stranger's joint protection

  enough to light up the night

  Zhengzhou, Henan

  Girl Wang Fen in the elevator

  Met a 92-year-old grandma who went to the wrong floor

  Inquired and learned that grandma's house lives on the 2nd floor

  But when Wang Fen sent grandma to the door

  She suddenly became anxious again because the cart was missing

  The old grandmother was at a loss, chanting

  "I'm 92, and I'm not precise (the notes are unclear)"

  Wang Fen said immediately: "Nurse, I'll help you find it!"

  Not sure where the old man's cart is

  Wang Fen first ran to the community to look for it

  Then go back to the unit building

  Climb the stairs one by one to find

  Finally got the cart back

  "Seeing grandma happy

  I think it's worth it

  I hope that when you meet an elderly person who needs help

  can also lend a hand.”

  Ask more, give more hands

  May we be warm

  also warmly received

  a kind heart

  A warm gesture

  Connect the ordinary and warm daily life

  Life is not easy, fortunate to have you

  ▌Source of this article: CCTV News WeChat Official Account (ID: cctvnewscenter)