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It is no secret that

Doña Letizia

is able to make certain garments experience a rapid increase in searches when she chooses them;

sometimes, she even wears them down.

Because she likes it more or less, the Queen stands as an aesthetic loudspeaker and her preferences have an inescapable impact.

For this reason, during a summer morning in Madrid in which he is presiding over

the visits of the consorts of the NATO leaders


the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso

, the Royal Glass Factory and the Reina Sofía Museum, he has chosen

a polka dot dress by Laura Bernal is



It is, of course, not the first or the last time that Doña Letizia chooses a Spanish firm, but this one is striking for

its dimensions and its simple, classic and canonically beautiful style

: it is impossible not to define it in this way when seeing not only the dress polka dot shirt dress that the Queen has chosen and that is part of the

spring-summer 2022 collection

, but also suit jackets with all kinds of cuts, pleated skirts in aqua green or delicate floral prints that tint traditionally feminine garments.

Those would be some of the coordinates of Laura Bernal, but beware: that does not mean that it is not for very different styles.

The proof?

In many of the famous women who have chosen her.

Visually speaking, what could

Lara Álvarez, María Gómez or Anne Igartiburu

have in common ?

At first, nothing, since their styles are very different.

And yet, they have all relied at some time on the designs of this Spanish brand that focuses on the client:

"I like to think that my dresses are unique because the person who wears them makes them unique and that is why I design them as authentic wings that take us where we want to go"


Fashion as a vehicle for personality, as a message.

And that is one of the things that

Ester Cerdán stands out the most, the woman behind the firm that everyone is talking about now.


"For me it is

a dream come true, because the Laura Bernal brand has a style very similar to Her Majesty's

and since we created it in


, for me she was that unattainable woman that you dream of dressing", explains the founder of the brand based in Murcia.

"Right now, it is an explosion of happiness and emotion, and I want to show my gratitude to the Queen for

having chosen a family company that produces entirely in Spain and is led by a woman

. Also, that she has chosen us today, in a such an important day, surrounded by foreign leaders, sends a very nice message to Spanish society".

That message is in line with

slow fashion

, since Laura Bernal, in addition to having

workshops based in Murcia,

from where they export to

13 different countries,

produces to order

and pays special attention to all processes, from choosing the fabric to patronage work.

"We always want to offer a

product of the highest quality, both in terms of fabric and design,

because we work with

good craftsmanship

, and that is why our fitting is so good and the garments are different," says Cerdán.

In that sense, the dress chosen by Doña Letizia is one of those that best represents the values ​​of Laura Bernal

of the entire summer proposal .

Moreover, it was the one that Cerdán herself chose for her presentation.

"Since I designed that garment,

it has become iconic for me: I like the idea of

​​the polka dot because the polka dot is very traditionally Spanish but presented in a sophisticated and elegant way; I love

the fabric because it is a brocade woven in cotton with a artisan devouring technique that is very expensive to make,

and the pattern for me is perfect because it flatters any type of woman, but it also has the midi cape skirt trend," explains the designer.

"It is the vision of

an independent, strong and professional woman,

like the queen."


She comments, excited, that

she has found out about Doña Letizia's election this very morning

, when she has seen the images, and that her phone does not stop ringing.

She hasn't even had time to check the numbers on the web in real time, but it's easy to guess that the dress, which

has a sale price of 223 euros

and can be purchased via mail or through her Instagram account , it will run out.

And it is not for less, because apart from the Letizia effect, she sums up very well the intention that Cerdán has when designing for Laura Bernal: to beautify women.

"What I intend is that each woman finds a suitable look for each situation based on her style

trying to highlight its natural beauty, without eccentricities, and adapting trends in a flattering and timeless way", she explains. "The collections are extensive and although there is always a background base which is quality, in the end what we all want is to look better" .

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