Find out which foods can cause headaches

Dr. Pavel Khoroshev, a neurologist, explained that certain foods can trigger headaches.

In an interview with Radio "Sputnik", the specialist notes that, according to medical data, more than one billion people, or one seventh of the world's population, suffer from migraine attacks.

Eating some types of foods, such as chocolate and cheese, can contribute to the emergence of this type of headache, as reported by "Russia Today".

He says, “It is best for people who suffer from migraines to abstain from alcoholic beverages, knowing that red wine triggers migraines more than other types of alcoholic drinks. Caffeinated foods and drinks such as energy drinks, coffee and tea as well as all types of cheese "Chocolate is one of the main triggers for migraines. The sugar substitutes aspartame and the flavor enhancer glutamate also cause migraines."

He adds, there is an opinion that indicates that fatty meats such as pork can cause migraine attacks, but this is not entirely clear.

He says, "The issue of fatty meat is questionable and studied. If a person suffers from migraine attacks, they should follow a vegetarian diet, as some studies indicate that this brings relief to the person. But fatty meat is not the strongest factor in triggering a migraine."