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War in Ukraine: ecological decline?

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Does the war in Ukraine push back the climate agenda?

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By: Romain Auzouy

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This is one of the major issues of the conflict in Ukraine: how to get rid of dependence on Russian oil and gas?

Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have recently announced an increased use of coal.

This causes the concern of the European Commission as well as several NGOs for the defense of the environment.

Does the war in Ukraine push back the climate agenda?

What are the ecological consequences of the conflict?

How could the environment benefit from it?


To discuss


Zélie Victor,

energy transition manager at

the Climate Action Network

Ines Bouacida,

climate and energy researcher at the

Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations


- Hervé Le Treut

, climatologist, professor at Sorbonne University, at the École polytechnique and member of the Academy of Sciences, author of numerous books, latest work “

Climate and civilisation, an unavoidable challenge





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