Humor wraps sadness and reflects reality

  The film "Life Events", which was released at the box office of nearly 300 million in 4 days, became the first highly acclaimed film in this summer.

In the film, actor Zhu Yilong brought a completely different sense of contrast from "Little Grandpa", which was called "subversive performance" by the audience.

In terms of content, the movie "Life Matters" fills the gap in the funeral theme of domestic films, faces life and death, and warms and heals through the mutual assistance of little people. This kind of warm narrative expression blows a warm wind to the audience, which has also become "The" The key to breaking the circle.

  The movie "Life Events" tells the story of Mo Sanmei, played by Zhu Yilong, who "inherited his father's business" after his release from prison and took over his father's funeral shop. During a funeral, he met Wu Xiaowen, played by Yang En again. The two partners got custody of Xiaowen, but after that, a series of accidents followed.

  Among the cast of "Major Events in Life", Zhu Yilong is the most important thing to watch.

Zhu Yilong on the screen speaks Wuhan dialect, keeps a short head, likes floral shirts and flip-flops, and strives to be close to the "market ruffian" image in the character setting.

The film also featured Zhu Yilong's close-up eyes many times, but unfortunately, Zhu Yilong's eyes were too clean, which was somewhat different from the rough taste of "Third Brother". few.

  In the movie, Zhu Yilong and the young actor Yang En have a dialogue in Wuhan dialect.

At the beginning of the film, Mo Sanmei puts on a shroud for the old lady and uses an oolong to steal things, showing the various prejudices that funeral practitioners will encounter.

Also, after Mo Sanmei's love rival died unexpectedly, Mo Sanmei and her father went to the funeral home to make up the deceased, and Xiaowen painted on the pink urn, laughing frequently, the funeral of a living person, etc. The details are They are all expressions of funeral customs and customs.

The relatively unpopular themes in this kind of film make people think of the Japanese movie "The Undertaker", but "A Great Event in Life" does not focus on "suffering" and "sadness", but instead adds a sense of humor.

  The rivalry between Zhu Yilong and Yang Enyou is the highlight of the whole film.

The relationship between Mo Sanmei and Xiaowen, from the inconsistency and incompatibility at the beginning, to the parent-daughter affection and inseparability later, the transition and progression of the whole emotion is very convincing, and many bridges make people cry.

For example, Mo Sanmei told Xiaowen "cruelly" that the smoke from the chimney was her grandmother, and Xiaowen told the teacher at school that "Dad" Mo Sanmei was the one who planted stars in the sky.

Later, Xiaowen's biological mother came to find her, and while Xiaowen was asleep, Mo Sanmei took her into a taxi and sent her away, but when Xiaowen woke up, she cried and wanted to get out of the car, patted the car window and shouted "Dad", The third sister ran wildly behind the car until the flip-flops were gone. The relationship between the two was progressive, driving the emotions of the audience.

  Laughter and tears are the key words of the movie "Life Events".

The film's producer, Han Yan, has used the creative techniques of laughter and tears many times, trying to discuss the meaning and preciousness of life with the audience in different stages and contexts.

For example, he previously directed the movie "Fuck Off!

"Tumor Jun" and "Send You a Little Red Flower", both involve issues of life and death, and are similar to the way that "Major Events in Life" wraps reality with comedy.

  The "laugh" in the movie "Life Events" hides the sympathy and mutual assistance between the little people.

"Third Brother" met Wu Xiaowen, an orphan with a reckless personality. One called himself Sun Wukong, and the other held a fork in his hand and had two sky-high buns, which looked exactly like Nezha.

When the two first met, they lived in the upper and lower bunks. Xiaowen was too frightened to go to the toilet because of the paper doll. She wet the bed on the upper bunk and made Mo Sanmei's face. , washed the room book into a blank book.

  Handling serious and grand propositions lightly requires humorous bridges and real "sadness" in life.

"Fuck off!

The "sorrow" of "Tumor Jun" is an incurable terminal illness, and Xiong Dun's real pain from the emergency room to the hematology department to the chemotherapy process.

The "sorrow" of "Send You a Little Red Flower" is Wei Yihang's line "I'm afraid that I will die as soon as I take out my heart."

In "Life Events", Mo Sanmei and Wu Xiaowen are in difficult situations.

Mo Sanmei is engaged in one-stop funeral services, and her professional attributes have caused him to encounter all kinds of prejudice.

And Xiaowen lost her grandmother, and her uncle's family was unwilling to support her, and she became a helpless orphan.

Sadness wrapped in humor is the background color of the film.

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