Three days after the Parisian Pride March and as Pride Month comes to an end, it should be remembered that this event has not always been as festive as it is today: the participants of its first editions , between 1977 and 1999, demonstrated to claim freedom and equality of sexual orientation… even to denounce the discrimination of which they were regularly victims.

Fighting prejudice and reforming unfair laws

In 1981, the participants of the Pride March thus criticized the WHO (World Health Organization) for “placing homosexuality in the category of mental disorders”!

And the following year, Hervé Liffran, of the Emergency Anti-Homosexual Repression Committee (CUARH), even declared: "We want the government to ask now for the creation of a joint commission, so that the anti-homosexual law , which dates from Vichy and which is a last vestige of Nazi oppression, be finally suppressed”.

(Re)discover the story of this "demonstration" like no other in this video by our partner Brut.

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