The "smart medicine" of the artifact?

Don't be smart but be fooled by smart

  Chen Bing

  The police in Zunyi, Guizhou, recently discovered that someone was selling unidentified drug tablets through express delivery.

After the police seized it and sent it for inspection, it was found that it contained "methylphenidate".

Online sellers claim that this is a "smart drug" that can make candidates concentrate and improve their grades. In fact, it is a drug substitute, which is highly addictive and may inhibit growth and development. Most of the buyers are parents of students or postgraduate students.

  As we all know, drugs are the public enemy of human society, and eliminating drugs is the common wish of the whole society.

However, in recent years, in order to make a profit, criminals often "lurk" around us after changing their names.

According to figures released by the Supreme People's Procuratorate last year, my country has discovered a total of 317 new psychoactive substances in 9 categories, with more than 50 newly discovered in the past three years.

Among them, various new drugs such as "smart drugs", "fairy water" and "stamps" have different forms, which are very disguised, concealed and confusing, and are easily used by some criminals, catering to the curiosity of young people, the pursuit of excitement, and the group. It is easy to induce and harm young people.

  For a long time, my country has focused on combating drug crimes, and has formulated corresponding legal responsibilities from the source of drugs to the production, sale, and consumption of drugs.

In recent years, my country's anti-drug work has achieved remarkable results, and the number of drug-related crimes has shown a downward trend year by year.

Political and legal organs must take the main responsibility, severely crack down on drug crimes with a "zero tolerance" attitude, continue to resolutely eliminate the living space of drug-related crimes with a high-pressure posture, trace the root cause, cure the root cause, and strive to eliminate drugs early and eliminate drugs. Do your best.

  In order to prevent juvenile delinquency, various propaganda methods such as "online + offline", traditional media and emerging media should be comprehensively used to continuously carry out anti-drug propaganda in communities, schools, rural areas, places, and the Internet. The easy-to-understand and thought-provoking publicity and education on the popularization of anti-drug laws has made the concept of "healthy life, green and non-toxic" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, popularized anti-drug laws and regulations, and guided the public to consciously resist drug abuse.

  The criminals use the usual tricks such as "eating can refresh the mind and become smarter" to break through the psychological defense line of teenagers and parents and tempt them to take the bait.

Teens and their parents should improve their awareness of protection, enhance their ability to identify drugs and resist temptation, resolutely say "no" to all kinds of drugs, stay away from drugs, cherish life, beware of going astray, and build a strong line of defense against drugs and anti-drugs.

  It is everyone's responsibility to control drug use by the whole people.

The anti-drug work has a long way to go. Only by building a pattern of joint prevention and control, joint efforts and joint management, "combining punches", weaving a three-dimensional prevention and control network, and working together to build the Great Wall of Anti-drug, can we win the people's war against drugs.

  (Author: People's Procuratorate of Miyun District, Beijing)