Group Highlight member Son Dongwoon presented a touching gift to his fans.

Yesterday (27th), Son Dongwoon's fan, Mr. A, released a message from the company that hosted the fan signing event on his SNS, saying, "Is this real? What is Son Dongwoon? My hands are shaking while working."

In the message released by Mr. A, it was written, "You won the 'Son Dongwoon Mini Album Release Video Call Event' that you applied through us on the 25th, but the event could not be held, so the artist delivered the video directly."

Next, Mr. A asked the company, "Sorry, manager, was the video requested by the artist? Or was it consideration given by the company?"

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Mr. A, who gave up his turn due to personal circumstances on the day of the signing event despite winning the fan signing event, was surprised by the sudden message and Son Dong-woon's heart.

In the video received by Mr. A, Dongwoon Son said, "Hello, Mr. A! I was originally attending today's video call fan signing event, but I heard that I couldn't attend for personal reasons. So it's not a call like this, but I'm leaving a short video message." .

He continued, "Actually, it would have been better if we talked face to face, but because (personal) things happened, (with this video), I hope that you can alleviate some of your regrets." I hope you are taking good care of yourself and fighting for everything you do."

Dongwoon Son's love for his fans did not end there.

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Son Dong-woon, who came across Mr. A's 'review of receiving a video message' through SNS, sent a message directly to Mr. A, "Is it okay? We can meet again later" and took good care of the fans once again.

Son Dongwoon has been meeting his fans by releasing his second mini album 'Happy Birthday' on the 6th.

At the face-to-face fan signing event, Son Dongwoon bought the roses that were brought out in the music video with his own money and presented them to all the fans who attended, and when meeting fans via video call, he sprinkled his own perfume on the folded flowers with colored paper and gave them to the fans by courier.

He also released a video showing the process of preparing for the event through his YouTube channel.

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Netizens who were moved by Dongwoon Son's delicacy in expressing his feelings to all the fans he met in any way said, "It's Son Soo-jong", "So sweet and warm", "It's great that you have a busy schedule, but it's great that you care about each and every fan" This is good."

(Photo = Fan Son Dongwoon Twitter, Son Dongwoon YouTube)

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Jeon Minjae)