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  Recently, Qin Chunhua, dean of Peking University Examination Research Institute, said in an interview with the media that college majors are not unpopular or popular.

Even the most popular majors will change in a few years time.

If you go according to the professional enthusiasm, you will always be in a state of swinging.

And people's life is long, and occupations also have cycles of change.

  The college entrance examination volunteer filling consultation service has been launched in various places, and candidates and parents are also thinking about how to choose.

As reminded by experts, professional cold and heat should not be the first influencing factor of volunteer reporting.

  The entanglement of the hot and cold of the profession is nothing more than wanting to "finish it all in one battle".

Choose a popular major for your child to ensure a stable life in the future: to graduate smoothly, to find a job smoothly, and to establish a career and settle down.

However, the only constant in this world is change.

It's hard to tell you which major is the "safe" major.

Cold and hot are both relative and fluid.

  Many people have given examples.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, philosophy was the "hottest" and economy was the "coldest".

Looking at it now, it has already been turned upside down.

Let's talk about employment options.

For a certain period of time, foreign companies were a favorite; for a period of time, the Internet giants were crowded, and during this period of time, the system became a big hit.

This change has occurred within ten years. If you blindly follow the trend, you will be overwhelmed.

  What's more, the correlation between undergraduate majors and employment is not that high.

No matter what major you apply for, you don’t necessarily need to study any major; what you study, you don’t have to do what you want.

Nowadays, many colleges and universities implement large-scale enrollment, carry out general education in the lower grades of undergraduates, and lower the threshold for transferring majors.

Therefore, the opportunity to choose a major is far more than this time when filling out the college entrance examination for volunteering.

And, after graduation, most people also change runways many times over their long careers.

Looking back, how much weight did the tangled "cold" and "hot" play in your later life?

  Therefore, the first step in filling out the volunteer report is the old problem-recognizing who you are and who you want to be in the future.

Under a certain score, in the life plan that students have roughly set for themselves, the choice of college entrance examination volunteers is not particularly large, and there are many factors that can be placed before the hot and cold majors, such as schools, regions, interests , The country needs... If you choose a profession that seems to be popular now just for the sake of considering employment in a few years, you may be "smart but mistaken by wisdom".

  A wonderful life is made by doing it, not by choosing a popular major.

Life is full of variables, and so is the profession.

There is no need to consider professional hot and cold over other factors, after all, change is the norm.

  Zhang Galen