Before dawn on the 29th, a particularly bright shooting star called a fireball was observed in a wide range such as Kanto and Kansai.

At around 2:48 am on the 29th, NHK robot cameras installed in various places such as Gunma prefecture, Nara prefecture, and Kansai airport caught a fireball that emits a particularly bright light among shooting stars.

At the same time, there were a series of posts on SNS such as "I heard an explosion" that seems to be from people living in Kanagawa Prefecture, and information on sightings of fireballs was posted one after another in various places.

An unmanned camera installed by Mr. Daichi Fujii, an expert in observing meteors and a curator of the Hiratsuka City Museum, at his home in Hiratsuka City also showed a fireball flowing over the sky at the same time, and it exploded due to a shock wave a few minutes later. It means that I heard a sound like that.

According to Mr. Fujii, fireballs with shock waves have not been observed since it was reported in the Kanto region when a meteorite fell in Chiba prefecture.

Mr. Fujii said, "The fireball observed this time seems to have flowed toward the Kanto plain from the orbit, and it is possible that it fell near the surface of the earth or fell as a meteorite because it heard the sound of an explosion caused by a shock wave. I'm talking.